Never Drink Another Boring Protein Shake!

Make A Better Shake

Never Drink Another Boring Protein Shake!

Make A Better Shake
Never Drink a Boring Protein Shake Again!
Make A Better Shake
Learn How To Make A Better Shake...
Life is too short to drink a boring protein shake. Only a few ingredients add variety and sensational taste to your smoothie regiment.

Chocolate Lover’s Shakes

Guilt-Free Goodies Shakes

Creamy Vanilla Shakes

Cafe Collection Recipes

Cheesecake Shakes

Fruity Fun Shakes

Orange Juice Shakes

Peanut Butter Shakes

Save Time and Stick to Your Plan with a Better Tasting Protein Shake

Stick to Your Plan

A variety of flavors makes sticking to your weight loss plan easier.

Great Taste

Enjoy creamier, smoothies, more flavorful shakes without adding sugar or excess carbs.

Save Time

Our smoothie recipes are quick and simple to make so you can get on with your day.

What Others Are Saying...

I LOVE the taste of my shakes made with Shake The Weight products. I have tried a lot of protein shake options and these are the best. I keep coming back for more.

Jeri Ann K.

Love The Flavor

Shake The Weight transformed my idea of protein shakes. Now, I truly enjoy my shake and find it easier to stay on track.

Melissa W.

Enjoying My Shakes

I am on the go constantly for work. Having a shake that tastes great and is quick to make keeps me out of drive-thru lines. Nothing else tastes as good as the protein shakes I make with these shake enhancers.

Robert D.

On The Go

I drink these protein shakes every day! Butterfinger is one of my favorites, but the variety keeps me on track and on program.

Rebecca F.

Two Shakes A Day
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Enjoy a Sensational Tasting Shake

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