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  • Low Calorie. Every serving has only 4 calories. So low, all you will notice is the improvement in taste and texture of every shake.
  • Sugar-Free. Shake The Weight Puddings are all sugar-free. They are sweetened with a small amount of all-natural, better tasting stevia.
  • Aspartame FREE. All Shake The Weight products are free from aspartame, so you can use them without worry.

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Jeri Ann K., Love The Flavor

“I LOVE the taste of my shakes made with Shake The Weight products. I have tried a lot of protein shake options and these are the best. I keep coming back for more.”

Shake The Weight

Shake The Weight has been serving up great tasting shake options to customers for over 5 years. We are the leading producer of shake enhancer products that add flavor without calories. Because we believe that being healthy and wellness goals should not mean sacrificing taste.

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Rebecca F., Two Shakes A Day

“I drink these protein shakes every day! Butterfinger is one of my favorites, but the variety keeps me on track and on program.”

Robert D., Hard Working

“I am on the go constantly for work. Having a shake that tastes great and is quick to make keeps me out of  drive-thru lines. Nothing else tastes as good as the protein shakes I make with these shake enhancers.”

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